Knocking it off

By Cory

So it seems my new obsession is copying Ready-to-Wear clothing with fabric and patterns that I already have on hand. I love flipping through children’s catalogs or websites and marking or pinning the items I know I can make myself.  Also just to clarify, I am not talking about copying clothes to sell for profit. This is just purely for fun and to see how far I can take my sewing skills. I enjoy pushing the limits of my sewing and who doesn’t love saving money? It’s always a fun challenge.

I made this particular t-shirt last weekend for yet another birthday party. My dear friend’s son Drake was turning 2 and in my close circle of friends we have committed to NOT getting each other’s kids any more toys. Trust me, they all have PLENTY!

The shirt was made in a size 2 with leftover hand dyed hemp/cotton that I had in my stash, from previous project. I always dye up a little extra for future use. (Including ribbing).

Anyhoo, it fit him perfectly and his Mom loved it. I think he did too….but what can I say, he’s only 2.



I saw the next two t-shirts in the Mini Boden catalog this Spring and and challenged myself to make similar ones with only supplies I had on hand. The only thing I purchased was the paper crane applique design from Urban Threads and the pinwheel design from Pick & Stitch. I had the Fabric, thread and Figgy’s Banyan pattern all on hand. Pretty close doncha’ think?



I saw this next beautiful dress in the Mini Boden catalog this spring and I immediately thought O+S Fairytale dress. Having just made one, I knew I could knock it out fairly quickly for Ruby’s Easter Dress.

While I was dyeing what was supposed to be bright yellow fabric for another project, I threw in some white piping and lining fabric, in anticipation of this dress. Well we all know how that turned out…LIME GREEN. Again, I went with it. I also dyed some white eyelet turquoise and came out PERFECT. But the eyelet I had purchase didn’t have the holes in it like I wanted so the lime could show through. Well what do you know, on a spur of the moment trip to JoAnn’s, I found the same shade of turquoise with holes in it!! Nice.

I did a little finagling with seam allowance to add the piping to the waist and collar and made my own interfacing for the collar (b/c of the holes). I also had to finish the seams differently b/c I didn’t want fraying or thread to show through the eyelets, but other than that I followed the size 2 pattern as written.

Oh and as a fun touch I added leftover tulle I had from making my wedding dress. :)


While I was in J.Crew with my mother-in-law shopping for Ruby’s birthday, I came across this dress, priced at $50 and I knew I could make it myself. My original plan was to make it exactly as pictured. I just needed some yellow fabric. I have a lot of hemp jersey left over from my old business, so I thought I would just dye it. Well the dye, which was labeled “Bright Yellow,” came out this crazy lime green color…so I just went with it. The gray fabric is also a hemp jersey and the shocking pink is a knit that I had in my stash. I used the Oliver + S sailboat top in a size 2 and modified it. First I lengthed the bodice and shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length. I then marked where the color blocks should be, spliced the pattern pieces and added in my seam allowance. Adding the pockets was a little tricky, but I just added them as you would a side seam hidden pocket. After I sewed all the color blocked pieces together (including the pockets), I just followed the pattern as written. I can’t wait to make my next one.



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Coming Soon!

By Cory

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I am excited to announce that my blog will be up and running soon! So sit tight and follow me —–>

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